Multipurpose highrise-building Location: Vienna, Wagramerstrasse / Kaiserwasser

Height: 258 m Usable area: 30.877 m2 Diameter: 40 m Spiral park-decks for 800 cars

to be continued . . . . . .
The concept not only provides office-usage, but also many amenities for the public.
Such as:
Platforms for helicopters, paragliding and bungee-jumpers

The elevators with panoramic view are located in a glazed enclosure outside the building's core.
A hierarchical system with express-elevators, which stop at every 11th level at the sky-centers only, and secondary-elevators for local traffic from level to level in-between the sky-centers, enables fast vertical transportation requiring minimum floor area.
3 storeys are grouped together around atriums on the building's east- and west- sides .
By single glazed wall-elements natural ventilation and daylight are facilitated for the office-floors through the atriums.
Due to its height of 9,10 m the atrium can be used for special exhibitions, or as a greenhouse.
The access of sunrays through the atrium´s big window is easily controllable by means of vertical sliding screens, which (if printed on) can display messages by the tenant behind.