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Mitsufuji 1000S Twin Turbo

The concept of the body-shell shows the following unconventionel features:
The airstream is not only guided over the car´s roof, but also along its sides. This reduces not only the air-resistance but also buoyancy (which otherwise might occur at high speeds)
This is effected by a horizontally bent windscreen, that softly blends into the sides, the narrowing front, and the coverings of the wheel-arches, which move along with the steering of the frontwheels.
The deepenings at the flat front gather into little air-cushions along which the approaching airstream can pass by, just as if the front were aerodynamically rounded.
Bodyshell-Structure, Crash-Resistance-and Safety:
The stainless body-shell consists of a firm space-frame made of fibreglass-reinforced material, clad in crash-absorbing aluminium-fittings..
Thus after a crash , the fittings can easily be replaced while supporting parts of the body-shell remain intact.
Economy of Space:
The rear-screen is slanted backwards (comparable to the former Citroen Ami, the Ford Anglia, or the Jaguar XJS )
Consequently the aerodynamics are just as efficient as a fastback, because the airstream continues on the imaginary ideal shape after rear roof-edge.
("Kamm-Back", This effect was explored and patented in the 30-´s)

The advantage is a minimized warming up by sun-radiation and improved accessability of the luggage-boot.
Technical Data:
Emission-controlled supercharged V4-cylinder 2 stroke-engine,
Direct fuel-injection Ceramic cylinderheads, internal cooling by water-injection,1000 ccm, 96 CV / 3600 rpm, max. torque: 210 NM / 1900 rpm
Dimensions: l x w x h = 4000mm x 1770mm x 1440 mm Weight: 750 - 780 kg
Air-resistance: 0,20 cw Top speed: 220 km/h ( est.)
6-speed transmission
Electro-magnetic clutch
The power-transmission shows no mechanical wear, and is effected by several electro-magnets pushing off each other.
Due to instant discontinuation of the transmission, automatic free-wheeling is easily effected.
In addition , while braking this kind of clutch functions as a dynamo for charging the battery .
Moreover the clutch can operate as an electric engine which drives the car while parking in city-traffic.

The car also has electro-magnetic suspension. By adjusting the current, ground-clearance becomes variable.