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Eco_Log is a company that provides concepts and evaluations for logistic requirements.

While other companies, that produce the hardware (robots, shelves, containers,etc) exposed their products in a large scale, Ecolog exposed it´s philosophy , the company that invented the meaning of logistic-architecture. Surrounded by huge, highlighted and noisy competitors, this stall invited passersby to calm down and reflect about the essencial.

The stall is partitioned into the areas:

1, the service-object: containing the bar, kitchen, store-rooms, and two meeting-rooms at the upper level.

2; the void area outside: that invites people to rest.

3; the exhibition-object: is accessed by stairways and gangways made of perforated steel-panels, backside- illuminated by bright red light. Inside posters and customer-interviews from MP3-players can be enjoyed in a silent introverted room, flooded in warm red light. The outer surface is used for video-projection, and for the info-boxes, hosting diagramms and computers.

Since it was a premiss, that the stall should be reusable at different expositions under different conditions, the design consists of modular elements. According to size and shape of the new site, more or less elements can be arranged in a required manner.