Coffee-Shuttle provides a fully equipped and transportable mobile coffee-bar. With its 12.00 m / 2.50 m in size (size of 40´container), it is designed to be easily transported by truck.
The concept is similar to that of the 1960 "autobar" project. Unlike the former one, though, "Coffee-Shuttle" can host guests for indoor consumption. Also, no compromises are to be made in respect to comfort and functionality, since it does not need to meet any requirements for traffic registration.

It can be set-up temporarily or permanently at any place and for any event. Coffee shuttle can be used for festivals, rock concerts, soccer games, temporary exhibitions, city-marathons, various events in pedestrian-areas, open-air parties, or for any other event where considerable number of consumers are expected to participate for a limited period of time.
The screen display on the rear side supplies entertainment and advertising for passersby.

Coffee-Shuttle can also be transformed to fulfil different purposes under various climatic conditions: at low temperatures with closed side walls to separate indoor-space and at high temperatures with the side walls rotated to a horizontal position in order to function as a sun roof, and to allow circulation of fresh air into the interior of the structure.

Thomas Herzig